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Medtech Digital Thermometer
Handy Model: TMP 03


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A thermometer proves to be convenient in times of physical sickness. Fever is naturally the first symptom for most illnesses and having a thermometer definitely helps in the early detection of the same. When the body temperature of a person shoots up/drops down the normal temperature of 37 °C, it is usually caused by an infection/hypothermia that needs immediate attention. The Handy TMP 03 Digital Thermometer by Medtech allows you to check a patient’s temperature instantly and track it at regular intervals, which makes the diagnosis and symptom management more straightforward. The unit is virtually unbreakable and therefore highly dependable. With features like memory, automatic shut-off, and maximum error range of 0.1º C, it is the digital thermometer of choice for doctors across the country.


  • One unit serves entire family
  • Safe… Unbreakable
  • Dependable accuracy
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Digital fast and convenient
  • Memory
  • Beeper


Measurement Range 32.0 °C~42.9° C
Low Temperature Display Temperature < 32.0°C: display L for low (too low)
Display resolution +0.1°C
Measurement Accuracy ±0.1°C
Battery 1.5/1.55V; LR 41
Auto power off 8 minutes 40 seconds

Package contents

  • 1 Digital Thermometer with battery
  • 1 Storage Case
  • User Manual
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