COMBO PACK of Medtech Pulse Oxymeter OG 05 & Handyvap Steam Inhaler

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Combo Pack of Pulse Oxymeter & Handyvap Steam Inhaler

Pulse Oxymeter is a non-invasive method used to monitor oxygen saturation in the blood. A sensor is placed on a thin part of the patient’s body like the fingertip or earlobe, or in the case of infants, across the foot. The device uses wavelengths of light to measure absorbance‚Äôs in pulsing blood, venous blood, skin, etc. and therefore the entire process is quick and painless.

The Medtechlife Handyvap is a best steam inhaler for cold & cough, convenient, effective and portable solution that facilitates steam inhalation at home. With important features like 100% plastic body to prevent shocks, double-wall body, and special locking system the Handyvap is ideal for both children and adults.


Medtech Pulse Oxymeter Medtech Handyvap Steam Inhaler
Light & Compact Design & Quick Measure Time 100% Plastic body to prevent shocks
Measures Pulse Rate Cord 1.5 Meter Length
Measures Oxygen Saturation Double wall body to avoid any injury due to hot water while handling the machine.
Perfusion index Special Locking to avoid accidental opening to safeguard from spilling hot water and burn.
Respiratory Rate Safety Cap
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