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<b>Medtech NBSD</b><br>Needle Burner Syringe Destroyer


Medtech NBSD
Needle Burner Syringe Destroyer


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Infected needle points infect over 20 million people with hepatitis each year. They cause 1.3 million deaths per year including both patients and doctors. Destroying used needles and syringes is therefore extremely important. The Medtech Life Needle Burner and Syringe Destroyer is the ideal portable solution for safe disposal of used syringes. It offers features like two-second operation, high-grade cutter, shockproof, single-hole operation, and compact design.


  • Two-Second Operation
  • Rust-Free Cutter
  • Shockproof
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Compact Design
  • Compact design that fits on the desktop
  • Shockproof, fuse-protected, consumes less power
  • High-grade steel cutter: long life.
  • Extra safety: burning needles eliminates the need for recapping and prevents needle injuries.


Size   175 mm (l) x 115 mm (w) x 120 mm (h)
Power   220-230V AC / 50-60Hz ; 110-130V AC / 50-60Hz
Protection   Cartridge fuse
Weight   Approx 2 kg

Package contents

  • One Needle Burner & Syringe Destroyer
  • User Manual
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